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Prices Subject to Change  




     DEVELOPMENTAL (Knowledge of Front crawl / Freestyle)

        $30 - 30 mins

      $20 group w/ 3 or more - 1hr


                              Strokes Swim Clincs                               

     $45  - 1.5 hr

             $30 Group w/ 2 or more - 1.5 hr       



   $70 - 1 hr 

     $40 - 30 mins 


Developmental swimming is the core and backbone to competitive swimming.  In order to swim hard and fast, knowing what to do and how to do it bcomes second nature when learning to swim properly in the beginning stages.



Reading, listening, and visualizing maybe one thing but executing is another. In order to challenge the swimmer's ability to learn, drills and test sets are in place not only to learn strokes properly but to teach individuals about themselves.




This is for advanced level swimmers only. These sessions will provide a more intense level of training and demonstrations which will be separeted by skill sets. 




Demonstrations are an important tool in the learning process which will assist in muscle memory while improving stroke techniques. Follow up and feedback throughout each session by participants and instructors will ensure the concepts and techniques are being grasped.




Swimming is very technical. It has been proven that individuals learn in different stages. Written excercises and discussions about stroke techniques and racing strategies will be presented in classroom settings followed by water demonstrations from trained swim professionals. Stroke drills will be designed to improve swimming techniques through water. Those demonstrations and drills improve muscle memory in the various different stages of learning to swim.

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